Dueling Mixes


Dueling Mixes is a place you can learn from two mixers going head to head, mixing the same song each month without talking to each other about it, and voting either mix to victory. You can join a forum filled with other mixers focused on improving, download the multitracks from each month's song for practice, and have your mix critiqued by hundreds of members learning from your work as much as you're learning from them.

I mixed all of the below from the original multitracks.

Oceans Deep

Unbroken EP

Producer, mix/recording engineer, guitar, bass, keyboards programming, and drum programming credits.

"Surrender" and "Invitation" recorded at the Statesboro Wesley Foundation Chapel.
"What Great Majesty" recorded at the Sherrod residence.
"Matchless" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" recorded in my bedroom.

Greyson Johnston

Great Are You God

Engineer, guitar, bass, and drum programming credits.
Keyboards programmed and vocals recorded by Greyson Johnston.

Lindsey Halstead

You Are

Producer, mix engineer, guitar, keyboards programming, and drum programming credits.
Original composition and vocal recording by Ryan Callahan.

Reid Craft


Producer, mix/recording engineer, backing vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards programming, and drum programming credits.
Vocals and acoustic guitar by Reid Craft. Original composition by Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Days On Juno


Mix engineer in public mix competition. All stems were dry.


Live February 2014

Live/post sound engineer credits.
Heavy automation, manual pitch correction, and manual timing correction.



Mix engineer. Musician for some overdubbing.

Patrick Kelly

I Must Deny

Producer, mix/recording engineer credits.


Okayfine: Harville

All credits.
roducer, composer, mix/recording engineer, guitar, bass, drum programming.

Fix You

All credits besides original composition.
An example of understanding sounds well enough to reproduce them. I did not have access to Coldplay's X&Y stems.

The Soul and the Soil

All credits.
Producer, composer, mix engineer, guitar, bass, drum programming.

Regrets and Regression

All credits.
Producer, composer, mix engineer, guitar, bass, keyboards programming, drum programming.

Kevin You're Such a Disease

All credits besides original composition, which goes to You Blew It!.
An example of learning original parts in great detail.